Excellent music is just the start.

Think of your playlist as the foundation of the atmosphere you want to create for your event. What other elements, small or tall, would delight your guests and make your day?

Without the right sound setup, your ceremony will be half an hour of mumbles for the guests in the back. We’ll prep audio for your officiant, the groom, readers and other speakers, musicians and more. Just walk us through your lineup, and we’ll let you know what you need.

Ceremony audio

Spice up the dance floor with motion-sensored lights on a stand to create an irresistible vibe during the open-dance portion of your party and turn the energy right up. Smart placement will enhance the rhythm and pull people onto the floor to find their grooves.

dance floor lighting


Add drama and draw attention to important features of your event with uplighting. We’ll place individual light sources strategically around the room and project them up. We have shades to enhance most any color palette, and the effect will take your breath away.

Make your dance floor sizzle! For the couple that wants a hard-charging dance party, ultimate dance lighting includes our regular dance floor lights and adds two light-up totems with moving light heads on each side of the stage. The combination creates that big club effect, almost like being at a concert.

Ultimate dance lighting

Add a peronalized touch to your setting with a monogram light projection. Put your names, initials, wedding date, special message or most anything else in lights. We can project on a wall, the ceiling or even the dance floor. If you’re looking for a quick-and-easy way to add a high-end feel, this is it.

Monogram projection

A handheld cannon that adds fog to the dance floor to create a fun element for your guests. The couple or DJ can shoot the fog while the party is hopping. Light up the night with some foam glow sticks that we will pass them out to your guests. It adds a ton of fun on the dance floor and makes for great pictures. 

CO2 Cannon + light up the night

Katherine and John

He was the perfect "master of ceremonies" for our wedding receptions without sounding over the top and the night could now have flowed better with his expert direction.

Our dance floor was full the entire evening and he seemed to really be able to read the crowd. So thankful we found Prime Time Event Group! 

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